Friday, May 04, 2007

Greetings from Kalgoorlie WA

Ahh and what a lovely town this is. If you're ever in W.A. make sure to stop by this place. Its like stepping back in Australian history 20 years... (socially not technologically) to when people said "G'day" and "Hello" to each other.

Catch the Kalgoorlie Prospector from Perth to Kalgoorlie (book on the Transwa website, for an awesome 7 hour ride through typical Aussie outback views.... aka nothing for miles around :)

Theres something in the atmosphere of the town. Maybe its the lack of electromagnetic radiation that pervades everything in the big Cities, or the fact that its so far from anywhere, or that most of the people that come here CHOOSE to come here, or the lack of bullshit and falsities that so many cover themselves with in the city. Whatever it is, its awesome. Got to bring some of this "Kalgoorlie red dust" back with me to Melbourne.

Inspiring in its own way, ive even started writing again! yay. Anyway, internet time is precious and the journey of life continues...

Peace out! Good journeys to all!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

light side, dark side

Join the Dark Side Luke!

But don't believe what they tell you about the dark side. (inform yourself) Each side is its own good and bad. Don't give in to others impulses is really what the moral is. The good jedi who follows his evil masters orders is just as bad as the evil jedi following his good masters orders (that is - neither followed their true calling).

When is a master no longer a master?

Always. The master is just a student after all, trodding along the path of life. Just as we all are. The journey of knowledge. The journey of enlightenment. After all, the popular conception is that enlightenment or nirvana is a destination that must be reached. That is innaccurate.

Enlightenment is a journey, the journey is enlightenment.

Just some thoughts... peace

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you are what you cache

Indeed, not "what you eat" as the phrase oft tells us.

"You are what you Cache"
(define: cache)

I always think of a cache of treasure stored away in a dungeon somewhere far away. Appropriately enough its pronounced "Cash". Lovely.

Moreso to the point - you are what you repeatedly do.

Recently I began weaning myself off computer games. Not off them totally mind you... just reducing the amount of time spent on them massively. It means time for other things. (Obviously)

Almost 25, its been bugging me lately just HOW MUCH TIME I HAVE SPENT in virtual worlds.... all my life i've been gaming. from the humble Commodore 64, through the NES, to the mighty PC. yes i've had fun, yes i've seen and done things i could not do in reality, but all this time i could have spent more time developing the real world me! So. thats one of the things i'll be doing this year.

theres so much to do, and so little time to do it all. a final observance if i may?

never go on holidays for a long time with loads of stuff left at home to do when you leave. when you get back you still have to do it all, and theres all this new stuff thats managed to accumulate too. systematically is the way to proceed now. i think. Progress continues...

Friday, July 21, 2006

...incoming transmission...

Got to start somewhere, i've heard the very beginning is a good place. So here we are and will be for some time yet to come hopefully. Heres some food for thought: (aka largely cliche and repeated words of wisdom)

Question authority, read between the lines.
Think for yourself. Avoid advertising.
Ponder existance.
You are conscious! Celebrate it.